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One of the most challenging aspects of global process safety is the attempt to interpret and convert specific safety elements into practices that are unique to either businesses in a particular region or country. As your global process safety partner of choice, we understand the complexities that your organisation may face when it comes ensuring and maintaining compliance in your country.

Our consultants can provide a range of our global solutions for businesses based in India. To help you ensure and maintain compliance with a range or national and international process safety regulations and legislation, our consultants can provide you with value added practical information so you can make informed safety decisions faster.

Why Sigma-HSE?

We provide a range of process safety consultancy services in a holistic way to cover employees and non-employees, European and non-European sites, and will determine what practicable recommendations should be made for your company to consider, to reduce the level of risk to both your designs and to futureproof the safety of people, workplace, business and the environment.

The Sigma-HSE Advantage

Through a systematic approach, Sigma-HSE’s consultants can carry out multiple national and international process safety techniques to ensure that you can establish, maintain and optimise safety at your facility. We can identify areas for improvement and recommend the best course of action for achieving safety compliance at your facility.
We can aid you in the following areas:

Our India based consultants and testing houses offer a variety of globally recognised process safety solutions.

Discover our entire range of consultancy and testing services below.

Ensure and maintain a safe
working environment

Our India based process safety consultants can help you and your business to ensure and maintain compliance to national and international process safety standards. Learn more about how we can assist you today.