Speedibake to close Wakefield bakery forever after the massive blaze

In a new development, Speedibake has decided to close the Wakefield bakery permanently. The bakery was severely damaged in a massive fire on February 1, 2020. The bakery site kept burning for more than 24 hours, which created a dark cloud of smoke over much of the city centre. The fire was so intense that it destroyed two buildings completely & damaged others significantly. The company had to call hundreds of firefighters to control the devastating blaze, evacuate people safely from the adjacent buildings and bring the situation under control.

Initially, the company said, ' they will launch an investigation to find out the reasons behind the outbreak of damaging fire & mull over the possibility of rebuilding the factory'.

Now, the company has released a statement saying that it would close the Wakefield site mentioning the exorbitant cost & time required for a complete makeover of the factory. This decision will result in the expulsion of 160 people out of the job.

The company said,' it is in touch with its employees and seriously considering all available options'. Meanwhile, Speedibake, owned and operated by Associated British Foods, promised to compensate the affected staff for 3 months, support them to find jobs, and encourage local business organisations to contact needy individuals with job openings.

This decision is extremely upsetting for many employees who have been working with the company for a long time. It is worth mentionable that Speedibike has been operating from Wakefield since 1988. The company said, 'it considered all options carefully'. They wanted to keep the site open, but it was impossible due to financial infeasibility and time needed for a complete rebuilding the site.