Explosion Kills Two Contract Workers At SSI UK Steelworks Site

Industrial hazards can take place at any time and often results in massive damages, killing of workers, individuals, etc. Such an incident has made news headlines once again. Two contract workers were killed in a powerful explosion which took place at a former SSI UK steelworks site in South Bank, Teesside, UK. The workers were working at a height when the incident took place on large pipes near a gas holder. During the incident, flames were seen at the SSI site in South Bank.

Local police surrounded the blast area and evacuated roads. Meanwhile, emergency crews tried to bring the situation under control. Detective Superintendent Tariq Ali issued a statement confirming two fatalities because of this tragic incident at the former SSI site in South Bank. The health and safety executive has been informed about the incident. Residents living in adjacent areas said that they heard an intense crashing noise before smoke began to fill the sky.

It is noteworthy that Thai-based Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) purchased this site in February 2011 and entered into liquidation in October 2015 after sustaining an onslaught of business downfall. The company stopped production after 98 years. At the beginning of this year, an agreement was reached to hand over half of the land of former steelworks to the South Tees Development Corporation.

A former technology manager stated that the incident took place because of the gas cleaning process. 24 firefighters controlled the fire with the help of 4 appliances. Meanwhile, the company has launched an investigation to find out the truth behind the incident. All works at the site are closed until further notice.