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Heat Flow Calorimetry (RC1)

Heat Flow Calorimetry provides reaction information early in the development process to improve the chemical workflow. This data can be used to characterize, optimize and understand process parameters in a controlled, accurate and reproducible environment.

Reaction Calorimetry (RC1)

The RC1 Reaction Calorimeter designed for measuring heat profiles, chemical conversion, and heat transfer under process-like conditions. The Reaction Calorimeter allows chemical and safety engineers to optimize processes under safe conditions while determining all critical process parameters and reducing the risk of failures on a large scale.

Adiabatic Calorimetry (VSP2)

Adiabatic calorimeter testing provides data for relief system design, safe scale-up of chemical processes, and changes to process ingredients. Safe process design requires knowledge of chemical reaction rates, character and energy release; all of which can be obtained from a low phi-factor adiabatic calorimeter.