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Reactive Chemical Training

Training needs come in many forms. Hazard awareness on reactive chemicals. Detailed knowledge to manage reactive chemicals. Off-the shelf training programs that can be quickly tailored to your specific operations. Train your team to protect your innovation.

Reactive Chemical Hazard Awareness

Audience      Employees and Contractors

Length        2 hours

Value           Incorporation of specific reactive chemical characteristics

Benefit         Learn risks associated with your own operation

Take-Away   Recognize reactive chemical hazards and take action to avoid catastrophic events

Reactive Chemical Hazard Identification

Audience     Engineers and EHS Professionals operating

Length         4 hours

Value           Incorporation of site specific reactive chemicals and operations

Benefit         Learn to manage reactive chemical hazards

Take-Away   Identify potential reactive chemicals and operations, situations to avoid, and potential protective measures

Reactive Chemical Hazard Management

Audience      Engineers and EHS Professionals designing and analyzing

Length          3 days

Value            Incorporation of site specific reactive chemicals and operations

Benefit         Learn to reduce the risk of reactive chemical operations

Take-Away   Identify hazardous materials and operations, evaluate and quantify the hazard, evaluate protective measures

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Ensure reactive chemical safety and regulatory compliance

Training is an important step to keeping people, business and the environment safe from fire, flash fire and explosions. Learn more about how we can assist you today.

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