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Combustible dust presents a grave danger to both the well-being of workers and the integrity of property. Combustible dust hazards are present in industries where fine particles are produced or handled, including chemical processing, food processing, woodworking, metalworking, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical storage & handling, paint & coatings, plastic & rubber manufacturing, energy & power generation, textile production, and recycling & waste management. Each industry should conduct thorough risk assessments and implement appropriate safety measures to mitigate the dangers associated with combustible dust. In recent years, several high-profile incidents involving combustible dust have highlighted the need for companies to take appropriate measures to manage the risks associated with these materials.

OSHA does not have a comprehensive combustible dust standard. In North America, recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices (RAGAGEPs) fill the void including:



•FM Global Data Sheets


Effective management of combustible dust requires a comprehensive approach

•Determining the combustibility and explosibility hazards of materials

•Identifying and assessing the hazards associated with these materials

•Managing the identified hazards

•Communicating the hazards to affected personnel

Failure to manage the risks associated with combustible dust can result in injuries or fatalities to workers, significant damage to facilities and equipment, and legal and financial repercussions for companies.

The Sigma-HSE Advantage

With decades of experience in managing combustible dust hazards, our engineers will partner with you to identify and understand your dust hazards and manage them cost-effectively. We offer a wide range of consulting, testing, and training services to help you mitigate the risk of combustible dust hazards in your facility.

Combustible Dust Consulting Services

Handling combustible dust safely requires coupling of your dust characteristics with your operations. Sigma-HSE offers Consulting expertise in the following areas:

For complex facilities handling various combustible dusts in multiple unit operations, knowing where to begin can be the toughest part. In our First-Step Assessment, an experienced engineer will visit your site and leave you with a roadmap to compliance.

Dust Test Planning and Interpretation

Test plans are best developed with the end in mind. Combustible dust properties change with chemical composition, moisture content, and particle size. Understanding how the dust is handled in your facility allows us to define a cost-effective test plan for your specific application.

Dust Hazard Analysis

Sigma-HSE has industry renowned experts conducting DHAs. Our approach conforms to both NFPA standards and standard industry practices on hazard analysis. Let us protect your innovation with a DHA tailored to your hazard level. 

Dust Program Development

Beyond DHAs, managing combustible dust safely requires management systems to assure that programs and practices are in place, our experts will help you develop programs to address the management system requirements found in NFPA standards and expected by OSHA.

Sigma-HSE is your single solution provider for hazardous area classification and beyond. Our experienced experts can assist you in identifying the areas in a facility where flammable atmospheres and combustible dust can be found in both new and existing facilities and guide you through the complexities of the classification process. 

Sigma-HSE has the required resources, knowledge, and experience to assist you in identifying the areas in a facility where flammable atmospheres and combustible dust can be found in both new and existing facilities and guide you through the complexities of

Sigma-HSE has the required resources, knowledge, and experience to investigate incidents at your facility. We apply a practical strategy that draws on our decades of plant experience and in-depth understanding of published industry norms to investigate incidents involving combustible dust, flammable liquids, and gases at your facility.


Combustible Dust Testing Services

Our laboratories have the capability to test your samples to global standards, including ASTM and BS EN ISO/IEC. We take pride in our ability to generate accurate test data on time with turnaround times of less than 14 days. Our combustible dust testing services include combustible dust screening, combustible dust characterization, and electrostatic testing.

Combustible Dust Screening

     Explosibility Screening (Go/No Go)

     Combustibility Screening

Combustible Dust Characterization Testing

     Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) of a dust cloud (capacitive and inductive)

     Minimum Ignition Temperature Cloud (MITcloud)

     Minimum Ignition Temperature Layer (MITlayer)

     Explosion Severity (Pmax/KST)

     Minimum Explosive Concentration(MEC)

     Limiting Oxygen Concentration(LOC)

Electrostatic Testing

    Powder Volume Resistivity
    Liquid Conductivity
    Surface Resistivity
    Volume Resistivity
    Powder Charge
    Relaxation Time


With our expertise, you can develop appropriate dust control and safety measures to ensure that your processes are safe and compliant with industry regulations.

We offer customizable training programs to educate your workforce on the risks associated with combustible dust and how to handle it safely.  We offer in-house, open enrollment, and workshop training in fire and explosion hazards for all levels of employees in both Dust Hazard Management and Dust Hazard Analysis.

Dust Hazard Management Courses

Dust Hazard Analysis Course

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