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Process safety solutions for the food and beverage industry

Establish and maintain a safe and sustainable food and beverage manufacturing framework by identifying and reducing the potential for fire and explosion hazards throughout your operational lifecycle. By utilizing our hazard review and process management solutions, you can access cost-effective and timely process safety solutions, allowing you to concentrate on reaching customers through your products.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Understanding the science behind supplier and raw material change

All new materials must be tested to ensure that existing safety procedure are suitable. When changing suppliers, you must be aware of the precise flammable and explosive properties of your new product, even if it similar

Retesting after blending and milling

Blending, milling and other processes during the production of your foodstuffs require the retesting of materials in order to decrease production inefficiencies via inadvertent incidents

Unaware of the journey between R & D and full production

Introducing new materials and ingredients to mixtures for new recipes has the potential to alter the chemical properties of an original recipe. A thorough understanding of all new materials and how this affects manufacturing risks must be understood

Unfamiliarity with explosive characteristics

From moisture content to cloud density and particle size, foodstuffs are amongst the materials most likely to cause catastrophic fires and explosions, so you must understand the whole range of factors that may affect explosion size or sensitivity

Your process safety partner of choice

Sigma-HSE provides actionable safety solutions to the food and beverage industry by eliminating the threat of fire and explosion throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

Our team of global engineers and technical experts can implement a range of process safety consulting, testing and training solutions across your business.

Accelerate product launch

Seamlessly move from your Research & Development phase to full scale production in the knowledge that your product will not present a danger to people, business and the environment

Optimize your manufacturing processes

Compact and energy saving machinery is trending in the food industry, so make use of our insights to understand, identify and optimize new and old equipment across your process

Protect, prepare and pivot

Perishability, population growth, drought and geopolitics require consistent pivots, leading to substantial product and infrastructural alterations. These rapid changes demand specialist risk assessments, testing and operator training

Protect your brand identity

Mitigate disruption across your manufacturing network and safeguard your brand identity by protecting your storage facilities, key manufacturing infrastructure and end products from the risks associated with fire and explosions

Common hazards associated with food and beverage production

Inadequate dust containment and housekeeping at the inlet and outlet area of the belt or drag conveyor and bucket elevator, which could present fire or flashfire hazard

Fire hazard inside dryers due to self-heating of material

Dust cloud formation during the transfer of powdered material from bags into dump hoppers or blenders, which could present a fire or flashfire hazard

Dust cloud formation inside powder silos or bins and dust collectors, which could present a deflagration hazard

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Your single process safety solution

Protect your vital assets and delight your consumers

Our dedicated global team of engineers, technical experts and specialist coaches provide pragmatic and effective solutions that work in harmony with your operations.

Ensure continuity by optimizing your food manufacturing business against risk to fire and explosions. Our actionable insights keep your employees, infrastructure and operational demands safe, allowing you to concentrate on providing your services and delighting your customers.

Sigma-HSE’s approach to the processes within the food industry utilizes a range of tools, methodologies, laboratory testing, engineering expertise and extensive knowledge of standards and regulations to develop an approach that is unique to your business and the specific challenges you face.

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