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We provide actionable process safety risk assessments and testing solutions so you can focus on what really matters, protecting your business, people, workplace and the environment.

Our Process Safety Solutions

Our global team of engineering specialists and technical experts work with companies around the world to provide actionable process safety tools and solutions to protect and enhance the health and safety of people, the workplace, the environment, and of course your business.


Our Solutions

Within 10 days, our global laboratories generate data on the flammability, explosivity and thermal reactivity of dust, gases, vapours and other substances to aid you in classifying hazardous chemicals and materials. We also have the capacity to provide you with knowledge of complex chemical reactions through our chemical reaction hazard analysis and testing solutions.

Our Solutions

Our global process safety consultants provide a range of technical identification tools, solutions and system risk assessment procedures including DSEAR/ATEX, HAZOP, Risk Studies, incident investigation and Consequence Analysis. We also offer Process Safety Management (PSM), Safety Management Gap Assessments, process hazard analysis, compliance audits and a range of other specialist safety consultancy solutions to help your organisation assess and avoid major accident hazards to comply with national and international regulations.

Man in lecture theatre Process Safety Training

Our Solutions

We provide bespoke workshops, resources, open seminars and tailored in-company training events for businesses of all sizes. Our training courses can be tailored to the different skill levels and occupations of your employees. We can develop a specialist training programme for operational and maintenance staff looking for essential awareness and education of process safety hazards and safety measures, to directors looking for training and insight into corporate holistic process safety culture and the integration of performance standards.


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Our dedicated global team of engineers, technical experts and specialist coaches are here to provide pragmatic and effective solutions throughout your process life cycle. Through the course of your process safety journey with Sigma-HSE, we’ll be by your side to help you ensure and maintain compliance with international standards, no matter how complex your processing equipment or processes are.

Global capacity

With bases in the UK, India and the USA, we have the capacity to provide process safety solutions and specialist engineering techniques to the specific needs of your facility or site. Ensure that no major accidents occur and guarantee that compliance standards are met, wherever your facilities and safety professionals are based.

Internationally recognised testing standards

Our laboratories work to globally recognised testing standards to generate data on the flammability, explosivity and thermal stability and reactivity of your hazardous materials. After successful completion, you will receive the data to make informed decisions on the flammable liquids, dust, gases, vapours and hazardous substances used in the operation of your plant.

Pragmatic approach

Our approach focuses on cutting through the noise and understanding the ever-increasing complexities of maintaining process control and safety in your work environment. Our solutions ensure that you receive focused, practical and actionable insights and knowledge that can quickly be developed into a thorough process safety programme.

Post-project support

Ensuring and maintaining safer working environments never stops. From test data and report, to assessment results and the implementation of process safety management systems and programmes, we’re dedicated to your outcomes and providing you with unparalleled post-project support so that you can apply results, procedures, risk protection systems and process safety management to your processes and business.

Our Solutions

Industries we work with

Our expertise and knowledge spans multiple industries and our solutions can be applied to your specific process safety operations and subsequent control and prevention of workplace hazards.

We’re passionate about process safety and aim to deliver cutting-edge process safety solutions to the diverse range of complexities of the process plants in your industry without the exorbitant fees involved and delays to your operations.

Your Process Safety
Partner of Choice

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