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A Passion for Safety

Based in Winchester and with offices in India and the Middle East, we provide laboratory and consultancy services to the process industries. Working to ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 our laboratory generates test data on the flammability, explosivity and thermal reactivity of dusts, gases, vapours and substances. Our Process Safety Consultants provide a wide range of specialist technical safety services including Process Safety Management, DSEAR / ATEX, Comprehensive Safety Audits, HAZOP, HAC, Vent Sizing, Chemical Reaction Evaluation, Training, and incident investigation.
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Industries We Serve

Adhesive and Packaging Agrochemicals and Pesticides Automotive and Aerospace Bulk Speciality Chemicals Energy and Utilities FMCG Food Products Insurance Industry Metals Industry Oil Gas Industry Paints and Coatings Petrochemicals Industry Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals Polymer Plastic and Rubber Wood pulp and paper
News and Updates
  • Technical Update – April 2021

    The investigative reports from incidents such as Buncefield
    and BP, Texas City has placed further emphasis on the lack
    of process safety leadership and corporate responsibility. Read More

  • Important Update to EU Safety Data Sheets 2021

    The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has amended and
    recently enforced Annex II of REACH regarding the
    compilation of Safety Data Sheets (SDS).Read More

  • Technical Update – January 2021

    The Minimum Ignition Temperature (MIT) test is conducted to
    determine the lowest temperature at which a hot surface will
    ignite a powder when dispersed in air, as a dust cloud. Read More

  • Technical Update – November 2020

    Flammability testing is required to complete your basis of
    safety regarding DSEAR/ATEX. The data obtained from such
    tests will enable you to establish whether you can rely on,
    Avoidance of Ignition Sources, Explosion Prevention or
    Explosion Protection as your basis of safety.Read More

  • Technical Update – October 2020

    The COVID-19 virus has had a profound impact on travel and
    business operation, resulting in many new challenges for
    industrial operating facilities. One of these is the
    completion of Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies. Read More

  • Speedibake to close Wakefield bakery forever after the
    massive blaze..

    In a new development, Speedibake has decided to close the
    Wakefield bakery permanently. The bakery was severely
    damaged in a massive fire on February 1 2020...Read More

  • It's unbelievable! Chemical Plant Explosion in Spain slays
    man 3KM away.

    Many won't believe this, but it's true. A man in Torreforta
    (Catalonia, Spain) was killed when a heavy metal plate,
    launched as a result of a chemical plant explosion, hit his
    apartment building situated 3 kilometres away...Read More

  • Explosion Kills Two Contract Workers At SSI UK Steelworks

    Industrial hazards can take place at any time and often
    results in massive damages, killing of workers, individuals,
    etc. Such an incident has made news headlines once again.
    Two contract workers were killed in a powerful explosion
    which took place at a former SSI UK steelworks site in South
    Bank, Teesside, UK...Read More

  • The difference between flammability and combustibility

    The words ‘flammable’ and ‘combustible’ are
    frequently used interchangeably but they are different
    chemical properties. There is a sense in which we suspect
    that they mean different things, but for the most part it
    seems that there is a difference without a distinction...Read More


Project Case Studies

Pharmaceutical Industry HAZOP

Pharmaceutical Industry - HAZOP

HAZOP study was completed for solvent bulk storage and distribution plant handling flammable and toxic chemicals. The study covered normal operation, start-up, shutdown, maintenance and emergency operations. Our expert facilitator chaired the HAZOP session and our scribe took notes using a software.

Printing Industry DSEAR

Printing Industry - DSEAR

DSEAR Assessment was completed for multiple sites all around the UK. These assessments were necessary for identifying hazardous areas to reduce the risks of explosive atmospheres.

Consumer Goods and Healthcare Industry

Consumer Goods and Healthcare Industry - Dispersion and Consequence Modelling

Dispersion and Consequence Modelling was conducted for toxic chemicals stored and handled in the facility to estimate cloud dispersion and distances for hazardous concentrations.

Hazardous Area Classification

Paint Industry – Hazardous Area Classification

Our experts helped the company to form guidelines for Hazardous Area Classification with predefined examples and calculations for their plant areas and unit operations. Based on these guidelines, existing Hazardous Area Classification reports were reviewed for their plants all around the globe.

Chemical Industry LOPA

Chemical Industry – LOPA

LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis) was carried out for the chemical facility handling multiple hazardous chemicals, high pressure & temperature unit operations. Based on LOPA, risk reduction measures with required Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) were suggested.

Food Industry Process Safety Testing

Food Industry - Process Safety Testing

Our ISO 17025 certified laboratory helped the facility to identify flammability properties (such as MIE, MIT, LIT, Explosion Severity – Kst & Pmax, MEC, LOC) for Flour, Sugar, Spices, etc. and further helped them to interpret the properties to establish adequate Basis of Safety for their operations.


What our customers say

"Consultants at Sigma HSE have done a great job in providing a practical and cost-effective solution for DSEAR / ATEX implementation". The team's technical expertise has made the whole process very simple and easy to follow for our staff"

Consumer Goods

Consumer GoodsEHS Manager

"Detail-oriented approach of the consultants has helped our team in identifying various risks & hazards involved in different stages of the project and helped us in making design and operational changes at the right time"

Project Engineer Chemicals

ChemicalsProject Engineer

"It was great working with the Sigma HSE team, as this was our first time working with a vendor on a bigger scale for process safety management. The team was diligent and articulate, and ultimately we are thrilled with the end result and level of awareness among our employees for the safety culture"

EHS Lead Pharmaceutical

PharmaceuticalEHS Lead

"Sigma HSE completed successful DSEAR Assessment for multiple sites parallelly all around the UK with flawless execution. Considering inventories of flammable chemicals these assessments were crucial in identifying hazardous areas to reduce the risks of explosive atmospheres at our sites. Thanks to Sigma HSE team our operation is much safer now."

Site Head Printing Industry

Printing IndustrySite Head

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