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We provide actionable process safety risk assessments and testing solutions
so you can focus on what really matters, protecting your business,
people, workplace and the environment.

Our Solutions

Our team of global engineers and technical experts work with you to provide actionable solutions to protect people, workplace, environment and your business.

Man in White Coat in Laboratory Process Safety Testing

Our Solutions

Our global laboratories generate data on the flammability, explosivity and thermal reactivity of your dusts, gases, vapours and substances.

Our Solutions

Our global process safety consultants provide a range of technical safety services and risk assessments including DSEAR/ATEX, HAZOP, Process Safety Management, PSM Gap Assessments and a range of other specialist safety consultancy services to help your business comply with national and international regulations.

Man Wearing Orange Hard Hat in Factory Process Safety Consultancy
Man in lecture theatre Process Safety Training

Our Solutions

We provide bespoke workshops, resources, open seminars and tailored in-company events for businesses of all sizes. Our training courses can be tailored to different skill levels from operational staff looking for basic awareness and education of process safety hazards, to directors looking for insight into corporate safety culture.

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your process safety challenges

Our dedicated global team of engineers, technical experts and specialist coaches are here to provide pragmatic and effective solutions. Throughout your safety journey with Sigma-HSE, we’ll be by your side to help you ensure and maintain compliance,
no matter how complex.

Global capacity

With bases in the UK, India and the USA, we have the capacity to provide process safety services to meet compliance standards globally.

Internationally recognised testing standards

Our laboratories work to globally recognised testing standards, and generate data on the flammability, explosivity and thermal reactivity of your dusts, gases, vapours and substances.

Pragmatic approach

Our approach focuses on cutting through the noise and ever-increasing complexities of maintaining safety in your work environment. Our solutions ensure that you receive focused, practical and actionable insights.

Post-project support

Ensuring and maintaining safer working environments never stops. From test data to assessment results, we’re dedicated to providing you with unparalleled post-project support, so you can apply results to your business.

Our Solutions

Industries we work with

Our expertise spans multiple industries and our solutions can be applied to your specific safety challenges.

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