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Process Safety Management

About Process Safety Management

The history of process safety incidents worldwide has frequently shown shortcomings in process safety understanding which originated from the very top of business organisations. Recently, there’s been an increased emphasis from the health, safety, and environment regulators on the subject of process safety management and culture alongside the use of proper management of systems.

Process safety management utilises multiple process safety techniques to ensures organisations meet client safety management systems or legislative requirements.

Understanding Process Safety Management

A thorough process safety policy should create and regulate key principles that govern a process safety management programme. An organisation should have clearly set our regulatory safety standards and legal compliance while covering hazard identification and other risk assessments.

Why Sigma-HSE?

Our process safety management system consultants implement leadership, culture and management systems in a holistic way to cover employees and non-employees across European and non-European sites. We also determine what practicable recommendations should be made for your company to consider reducing the level of risk to people, business and environment.

The Sigma-HSE Advantage

With decades of experience across multiple industries, our team of global experts understand what process safety management tools are needed at the right time to benefit your organisation. Our consultants therefore work with you to achieve your process safety goals, no matter how niche.
We can aid you in the following areas:
Ensure and maintain compliance through PSM

Process safety management enables your safety management systems to run effectively whilst meeting legislative requirements. Learn more about how we can assist you today.