Process Safety Management (PSM)

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What is a Process Safety Management?

The history of process safety hazards and incidents worldwide has frequently shown shortcomings in process safety information and understanding in high-hazard industries. This has originated from the very top of business organisations.

Recently, there’s been an increased emphasis from the health and safety executive on the subject of process safety management and culture alongside the implementation of properly integrated systems management.

Process safety management utilises multiple techniques to ensure organisations meet client safety management systems and legislative requirements to ensure the health and safety of your staff.

Despite the difficulty, businesses must ensure that the development, integration and continuity of their process safety management systems are sufficient and, when necessary, compatible with sister sites in order to develop, maintain, and monitor performance.


Our Process Safety Management solutions include:

  • Hazard identification
  • Risk assessments
  • Consequence evaluation
  • ALARP studies
  • Inspection and Auditing – start-up and operational
  • Process safety leadership management training
  • Safety management system design and integration
  • Pre-startup safety review and shutdown for safety critical systems
  • Process hazard analysis

Ensure compliance and drive product performance by integrating purpose built Process Safety Management systems

Process safety management enables your safety management systems to run effectively whilst meeting legislative and safety regulator requirements. Learn more about how we can assist you today.

The Sigma-HSE Advantage

With decades of experience across multiple industries implementing process safety management solutions, our team of global experts understand what process information and tools are needed at the right time to benefit your organisation.

As your process safety partner of choice, our consultants work with you to achieve your process safety goals, no matter how niche.

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Frequently asked questions

What is process safety management

The primary goal of process safety management is to use process safety information to create systems and practices for plants in order to prevent unintended fires, explosions or toxic releases, that could impact business, people, the workplace and the environment.

A thorough process safety policy should create and regulate the key principles that govern a sustainable business. An organisation should clearly set its regulatory safety standards, risk management strategies and legal compliance while covering hazard identification and other risk assessments.

There is an emphasis on process safety for the management of hazards associated with highly hazardous chemicals. A comprehensive management program will therefore integrate technology, procedures, and management practices to ensure safety risks are controlled.

Additionally, these purpose built process safety management programmes will address problems with operational viability, productivity, stability, and product quality.

Integrating process safety leadership solutions

Managing process safety requires the implementation of effective management and leadership strategies. This requires everyone in your business from the CEO, the board, senior leaders and operators all committing and embracing a dedicated culture.

As new attitudes towards process safety leadership emerge, leaders must now inject themselves into the extremely technical, scientifically complex and high-risk based field, the processing industry.

Leaders must also further commit themselves to the day-to-day activities of the process safety leadership and operational teams, make positive performance suggestions and understand the variety of health and safety legislation available.

Building a safety management system

Multiple techniques are used to ensure organisations meet safety management systems and/or national and international legislative requirements. Building and integrating a custom system or framework will help manage safety in the workplace.

These highly organised, corporate-wide procedures facilitate efficient risk-based decision-making for operational tasks. Our consultants provide a bespoke platform for you to incorporate purpose built safety management systems for your operations, so you can ensure regulatory compliance and drive product performance.

Why Sigma-HSE?

Our technical consultants implement process safety leadership, culture and management systems holistically across a range of process industries. We can integrate our solutions for employees and non-employees across European and non-European sites.

Our testing houses can also offer further insights into your hazardous chemicals and other material hazards, allowing you to gather the necessary data to feedback into your management systems.

We also determine what practicable recommendations should be made for your company to reduce the level of risk to people, business and the environment.


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