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Do these process safety problems sound familiar?

Accurately identify and understand the properties of your solvents

Although there has been a growth in aqueous-based coatings systems rather than solvent based systems, solvents are prone to unique hazards that pose serious fire and explosion risk

Choosing a suitable basis of safety

Explosion protection measures include containment, explosion venting and/or suppression. A basis of safety should be correctly implemented per equipment

Correctly categorising hazardous zones

Knowing how often, when and where explosible vapours and dusts may be generated which can mix with air to produce an explosive atmosphere – this is known as the Hazardous Area Classification which determines a risk based zone

Unfamiliarity regarding electrical equipment and electrostatics in your process

An ignition source may be hot surfaces, electrostatic discharges or open flames. It is important to test and understand the potential electrical charge of all of these key areas, equipment (earthing & extraction) and materials.
Sigma-HSE provides actionable safety solutions to the paints & coatings industry by eliminating the threat of fire and explosion regarding hazardous products and materials for downstream industrial and domestic use.

Our team of global engineers and technical experts can implement a range of process safety consultancy, testing and training solutions across your business.

Guarantee Product Integrity

Many paint materials and their by-products are highly flammable. They require specialist risk assessments to prevent combustion, prevent leakage and mitigate potential fire hazards

Safeguard Your Systems

Painting and coating products require ventilation systems. The correct design of vapour and dust removal system in a facility can help prevent the build-up of explosive atmosphere

Correctly Install Equipment

Use our range of specialist expertise to effectively undertake hazardous area classification’s. Ensure safety and save money by correctly placing your equipment in suitable hazardous zones

Consolidate Your Materials

Ensure that your materials are tested for fire and explosivity if you are unaware about the potential explosive chemical properties and the potential hazards of your materials

Working with you to understand and optimise your testing requirements

Our dedicated global team of technical experts and post-project support team are on hand to deliver quick and accurate testing data so you can make informed decisions and optimise your processes faster

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Protect your vital assets and ensure supply continuity

Protect your vital assets and ensure supply continuity Our dedicated global team of engineers, technical experts and specialist coaches provide pragmatic and effective solutions that work in harmony with your operations. Ensure continuity by optimising your development pipelines against risk to fire and explosions.

Our actionable insights keep your employees, infrastructure and operational demands safe, allowing you to concentrate on providing your painting and coating services.

 Sigma-HSE’s approach to the painting and coating industry utilises a range of holistic tools, methodologies, laboratory testing, engineering expertise and vast knowledge of standards and regulations to develop an approach that is unique to your business and the specific challenges you face.
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