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We provide bespoke workshops, open seminars and tailored in-company events for businesses of all sizes and employees of all levels and occupations.

From process safety management to the implementation of recognised industrial practices, we can tailor training to the health and safety issues for process safety risks in high-hazard industries.

Our Solutions: TRAINING

Process safety training tailored to you

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Our Process Safety Training Solutions

Our engineers use their specialist knowledge to deliver a wide range of bespoke training services for operators, maintenance staff, safety representatives, health and safety advisors and process safety management for leadership teams.

Discover our range of process safety training services below and get in touch for a free consultation to begin the enrolment process today.

In-House Training

Our in-house training events feature the development of custom training materials, courses and assessments on process risk, equipment hazards and process management that centres around your business needs.

Open Seminars

Our open seminars have been designed to advance your teams' technical and theoretical process safety education. Using years of process safety experience ranging from experience within the UK's health and safety executive to practical application in the process industries, we have the framework to create relevant training through dedicated seminars.


As industry specialists, we offer training workshops, tailored programmes and team events to enhance both the understanding of process risk understating and process safety leadership, management and culture within your business.

At Sigma-HSE, we are passionate about safety in the workplace and share your desire to keep people, plants and brand investments safe from fire and explosion risks and issues affecting the process industries. This is why the key elements of our training sessions are always designed alongside process industry standard learning outcomes.

For businesses with multiple sites, we offer webinar presentations to provide simultaneous awareness training to both operators and technicians.

Our courses are graded for different skill levels from operational staff looking for basic awareness of process safety hazards, to directors and safety advisors working and looking for insight into corporate safety culture.

Our training courses are based on years of experience from our senior engineers and are delivered by speakers who have been providing real world safety solutions to the industry for over 30 years.

Their dedication and insight, together with decades of technical expert knowledge, provide rich content for bespoke training courses, which will inspire your staff to tackle safety concerns and instil a culture of safety and performance in the workplace.

Installing safety culture

Providing professional training to
meet your business needs

Our dedicated global team of technical experts and business leaders can curate educational resources to help your business construct a process safety culture.

Some of the key topics and courses we can cover:

  • DSEAR Awareness (Dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres)

  • Installing effective process safety management

  • Emergency response

  • Safe start-up and shutdown

  • Management of process risk

  • Performance standards for safety critical systems

  • Controls for chemical reactions/bulk storage of dangerous substances

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Tailored Modules

Our training is designed as per your company's specifications using customised training modules that are tailored to your needs, no matter how niche your industry is.


The foundation of our entire process safety training sessions uses real-world materials and examples that are relevant to only your company and industry. Dangerous substances, fire hazards, explosion protection, emergency plans and process plant performance standards are all issues affecting process industries and are all scrutinised by the health and safety executive. The core concepts contained in our process safety training courses are applicable to your real-world scenarios.


Our process safety training courses can be arranged at a convenient time for production purposes and to match shift needs, or they can be rolled out and presented to each site with consistent messaging.


Optional opportunity for licensing agreement on training material to be used by your staff on an ongoing basis.

Our experts are on hand to lend friendly advice regarding your processes. 

From legislative changes to scaling your operations, read articles on the latest industry news & insights

Case studies, guides, whitepapers and on-demand events to help you optimise safety in your working environment

Talk to an expert

Talk to one of our experts about the training requirements and find out how our dedicated training experts can help your business create a safer working environment and install a holistic process safety management, leadership and culture strategy that starts with training.


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