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Do these process safety problems sound familiar?

Understanding the diversity of your processes

As your company and operations diversify into processes whereby the handling of dangerous substances is present, an organisation must move from occupational to process safety

Unaware of potential regulatory scrutiny

Due to an increase in process safety incidents in the water utilities industry, there has been an increase in scrutiny from the regulators and you are unfamiliar with their specific requirements

Correctly implementing holistic process safety practices

Your health and safety management systems and organisational culture are focused on occupational safety systems, and you need to address and manage behavioural inputs focused on process safety

Unfamiliarity with fire and explosions

Related lack of knowledge and expertise within the business regarding potential fire and explosion process safety. This could include process safety testing, risk assessments or the implementation of safety control systems
Sigma-HSE provides actionable safety solutions to water utility companies by eliminating the threat of fire and explosion across entire sites.

Our team of global engineers and technical experts can implement a range of process safety consultancy, testing and training solutions from the management to the operator level.

Lead the resource efficiency revolution

Is your wastewater and sludge as safe as you think it is? Lead the resource efficiency revolution by understanding all the materials (and their by-products) that make up your process to mitigate risk of fire and explosion

Reassure the regulators

Make use of Sigma-HSE’s vast knowledge of process safety legislation to ensure you comply with the national and international health and safety regulations that are specific to your industry

Improve infrastructure resiliency

Perishability, food production, population growth, drought and geopolitics require consistent pivots that may lead to substantial product and infrastructural alterations. These rapid changes demand specialist food safety risk assessments, testing and operator training

Optimise your intelligence led networks

Make use of our actionable insights to understand and prevent potential emergency disruptions across your intelligence led system and safeguard your brand identity by protecting these indispensable assets

Working with you to understand and optimise your testing requirements

Our dedicated global team of technical experts and post-project support team are on hand to deliver quick and accurate testing data so you can make informed decisions and optimise your processes faster

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Protect your vital assets and ensure supply continuity

Our dedicated global team of engineers, technical experts and specialist coaches provide pragmatic and effective solutions that work in harmony with your operations.

Ensure continuity by optimising your supply networks against the major risk of fire and explosions. Our actionable insights keep your employees, infrastructure and operational demands safe, allowing you to concentrate on providing your vital services.

Sigma-HSE’s approach to water utilities health and safety utilises a range of tools, methodologies, laboratory testing, engineering expertise and vast knowledge of standards and regulations to develop an approach that is unique to your business and the specific challenges you face.

Get in touch with one of our experts to find out how we provide and manage a range of process safety performance improvements across the water utilities, energy and gas industries.
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