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Our Story

Sigma-HSE was formed in 2012 in Winchester, UK to help deliver real-world process safety solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner.

With bases in Winchester (UK), New Delhi and Mumbai (India), and New Hampshire (USA), we provide a broad range of consultancy, testing and training services to meet process safety management requirements.


Our Mission

Sigma-HSE’s mission is to become the world’s leading safety partner of choice. We aim to guide our clients towards legal compliance while minimising harm to people and the environment.

Our Approach

One of the biggest process safety challenges facing multiple industries is the ever-increasing complexity and expense of ensuring and maintaining safety in the working environment.

We therefore understand that many companies are limited in their understanding and ability to manage the complex nature of their processes.

From the physical testing and analysis of complex testing data sets to the undertaking and results from safety assessments, our dedicated team of global engineers and technical experts cut through the noise to provide actionable insights that allow you to focus on what really matters – maintaining a safe working environment without the exorbitant fees and delay to your operations.


Your Process Safety Partner of Choice

Our dedicated team of experts are committed to helping you ensure that your dusts and/or powders will not generate a combustible dust explosion so you can maintain workplace safety and comply with the regulators.

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Testing Solutions

With a fully equipped ISO/IEC 17025 dust flammability lab and a statge of the art Chemical Reaction Hazard and Themral Screening lab, we generate test data on the flammability, explosivity and thermal reactivity of your materials.

Consultancy Solutions

Our global consultants provide a wide range of specialist technical safety services including Process Safety Management, DSEAR/ATEX, HAZOP, HAC, Vent Sizing, Chemical Reaction Evaluation and incident investigation.

Training Solutions

We provide bespoke workshops, open seminars and tailored in-company events for businesses of all sizes and can be tailored to different skill levels from operational staff to directors looking for insight into corporate safety culture.
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