Process safety solutions
for the agrochemicals & pesticide industry


Do these process safety problems sound familiar?

Accurately responding to pesticide and biocide regulatory change

The pesticide and biocide regulatory landscape is constantly changing to improve on ecological compatibility. Accurate testing data is needed to ensure that any new fertilizer products will not present a flammable, combustible or explosive risk in production or end use

Quickly identify and mitigate threats while rapidly scaling production operations

You may have to quickly and cost-effectively identify and mitigate significant hazard risks connected to equipment and materials via a hazard assessment, in order to prevent significant delays during your product development lifecycle

Integrating and managing storage, handling, and mixing operations

Mixing and loading agrochemicals are some of the most hazardous aspects of an agrochemical process. There must be stringent checks to ensure that equipment and processes are fit for purpose and correctly classified for any potentially hazardous zone

Implementing a holistic safety strategy

Geographical regulatory and environmental variations will have an impact on all aspects of an agrochemical portfolio. Designing, implementing, and optimising your processes for various regions of the world requires careful development
Sigma-HSE provides actionable process safety solutions to the agrochemical and pesticide industry by eliminating the threat of fire and explosion throughout your operational lifecycle.

Our team of global engineers and technical experts can implement a range of process safety consultancy, testing and training solutions across your business.

Simplify compliance

Make use of Sigma-HSE’s vast knowledge of national and international process safety legislation to ensure your processes and materials comply with regulations, whenever they change

Protect your safety management systems

Perishability, food production, population growth, drought and geopolitics require regular pivots, that may lead to substantial product and infrastructural alterations. These rapid changes demand specialist agrochemical risk assessments, testing and operator training to ensure business sustainability and compliance

Understand your ingredient formulations

Make use of our Combustibility and Chemical Reaction Hazards laboratories to accurately understand the hazardous nature of your ingredient formulations and rapidly integrate them into your process models

Protect your brand identity

Mitigate disruption across your entire network and safeguard your brand identity by protecting your yield, storage facilities, transportation infrastructure and products from risks associated with fire and explosions

Working with you to understand and optimise your testing requirements

Our dedicated global team of technical experts and post-project support team are on hand to deliver quick and accurate testing data so you can make informed decisions and optimise your processes faster

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Future-proof your vital assets and protect your brand reputation

YOUR SINGLE PROCESS SAFETY SOLUTION Future-proof your vital assets and protect your brand reputation Our dedicated global team of engineers, technical experts and specialist coaches provide pragmatic and effective solutions that work in harmony with your operations.

Future proof your agrochemical and pesticide business from reputation and product losses, resulting from the hazards of fire and explosions.

 Our actionable insights keep your employees, infrastructure, and operational demands safe, allowing you to concentrate on providing essential agricultural solutions. Remember, agrochemicals and pesticides pose ever changing high-risk hazards.

Sigma-HSE’s approach to the agrochemical and pesticide industry utilises a range of tools, methodologies, laboratory testing, engineering expertise and extensive knowledge of process safety standards, compliance regulations and actionable material data to develop an approach that is unique to your business and the specific challenges you face.

 Get in touch to learn more about our global testing capacity, DSEAR implementation in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, ATEX in the European Union and our wide range of other global process safety solutions.
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