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Process Safety Analysis


What is
Process Safety Analysis?

Process safety analysis is the step-by-step review of industrial operating procedures, and it is undertaken to identify the potential causes and possible consequences of hazardous chemical releases. The process helps organisations to identify a range of risks to business, people, workplace and the environment.

Incorporating PSA into the planning stage of an operational project will aid in the identification and prevention of potentially hazardous situations. A PSA may identify equipment, chemicals, materials and procedure while allowing your businesses to foresee potential hazards and plan accordingly.

Understanding Process Safety Analysis

There are multiple ways in which to undertake process hazard analysis. As a proactive approach to ensure safety in the working environment, process safety analysis is a methodology that seeks to understand what can go wrong, how likely it is to go wrong and what steps can be taken to prevent potentially undesired outcomes.

Why Sigma-HSE?

Our consultants undertake process safety analysis in a holistic way to cover employees and non-employees across European and non-European sites. Through our actionable insights, we determine what practicable recommendations should be made for your company to optimise safety and reduce the level of risk to people, business, workplace and environment.

The Sigma-HSE Advantage

As there are many tools and methodologies used for process safety analysis and hazard analysis, our team of expert consultants select the best techniques to optimise PSA based on your business requirements. With years of safety experience across a range of industries, our experts are best placed to provide you with recommendations based on your specific processes and operations.

We can aid you in the following areas:
Ensure and maintain compliance through our PSA services

Process Safety Analysis is an important aspect to keeping people, business and the environment safe from fire and explosions. Learn more about how we can assist you today.


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