On-Demand: Culture & Leadership – Elements of Process Safety Management

As an organisation, you will have to establish comprehensive policies and procedures for your process safety management system. This guiding framework is not only a regulatory necessity but is also strategically important, as it ensures that your business is well-prepared to handle rare but impactful events.

Managing process safety and ensuring that the precautions you have built into your processes will be effective, requires constant vigilance. Without effective process safety leadership and a sound process safety culture within your organisation, it is likely that the precautions installed may become vulnerable to neglect or deprioritised in favour of performance or targets. 

What you’ll learn:

  • How leadership and culture contribute to a national/international PSM system
  • What should you include/or exclude when creating a PSM system
  • What goes into creating and maintaining realistic process safety goals

This webinar is best for:

  • HSE Directors / Managers
  • Process and HSE Professionals
  • Plant Managers
  • Operators
  • CEOs, Board Members and Senior Leadership teams

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