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Process safety solutions for the aerospace industry

Our hazard review and process management solutions expertly identify and mitigate toxic, reactive, fire, and explosion hazards across the entire operational lifecycle. With the global team of engineers and technical experts,we specialize in implementing comprehensive process safety consulting, testing, and training solutions tailored to the Aerospace industry. 

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Identification of concerns with the implementation of new materials with potential for personnel exposure concerns

This process involves a thorough assessment of new materials, ensuring the material complies with strict safety rules to minimize potential risks associated with personnel exposure

Ensuring that operational procedures are correctly designed to address possible human error points

Confirm that the procedures are thoughtfully crafted, addressing potential points of human error to optimize efficiency and minimize risks, ensuring smooth and secure operations.

Conducting a thorough review and revalidation of your current Process Hazard Analyses as per the mandated 5-year revalidation schedule.

To ensure the ongoing effectiveness of your operations, we conduct a comprehensive review and revalidation, aiming to keep your processes running smoothly while reducing risks

Analyzing how the introduction of new technologies might affect the safety of your established processes

It is important to carefully examine how integrating innovative technologies might impact the safety of your established processes with the goal of understanding and improving safety measures as these technologies become a part of your operations.

Your process safety partner of choice

Sigma-HSE provides actionable safety solutions to the aerospace industry by eliminating the threat of fire and explosion throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

Our team of global engineers and technical experts can implement a range of process safety consulting, testing and training solutions across your business.

Ensure adherence to regulations

Utilize Sigma-HSE's extensive expertise in process safety laws to ensure compliance with aerospace industry regulations at both national and international levels

Enhance Your Manufacturing Processes

Utilize our insights to comprehend, recognize, and enhance both new and existing equipment throughout your aerospace operations, as compact and energy-efficient machinery becomes a prevailing trend

Protecting Operational Processes

We guarantee comprehensive protection, minimize potential risks, and support smooth business continuity for our clients through our approach

Evaluate Your Materials

Ensure that your materials are tested for fire and explosivity if you are unaware about the potential explosive chemical properties and the potential hazards of your materials

Common hazards associated with aerospace production

Introduction of a water source into a controlled area for handling of water reactive materials resulting in a runaway reaction, which could present an explosion hazard

Loss of containment during transfer of liquid oxygen from storage tank to onsite users, which could present a jet fire or increased risk of ignition in the area of release

Poor hygiene practices in production, which could present a potential failure on demand of finished product

Improper handling of explosives, which could present an unintended explosion hazard

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Your single process safety solution

Protect your vital assets and maintain your operations

Our dedicated global team of engineers, technical experts, and specialist coaches provides pragmatic and effective solutions that work in harmony with your operations.

Ensure continuity by optimizing your aerospace business against the risk of fire and explosions. Our actionable insights keep your employees, infrastructure, and operational demands safe, allowing you to focus on providing services and maintaining operations.

Sigma-HSE’s approach to processes within the aerospace industry utilizes a range of tools, methodologies, laboratory testing, engineering expertise, and extensive knowledge of standards and regulations to develop a unique strategy tailored to your business and its specific challenges.

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