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Promote hazard awareness across all operations. Gain in-depth insights for proactive risk management. Modular training programs adaptable to your specific needs. Empower your team to uphold and advance your innovations.

Combustible Dust Training

Dust Hazard Analysis Course

In this course, the attendee will learn how to conduct DHAs using both the prescriptive and performance-based (risk-based) approaches. It begins with a review of basics of dust hazards, introduces RAGAGEP on DHA, describes various methodologies, evaluation of allowable accumulation, how to build the team, required process safety information, ignition source evaluation, application of risk matrix, and action item development. Examples and workshops are included throughout for a hands on experience for the attendee.

Dust Hazard Management Courses

Dust Hazard Management training equips workplaces to handle the risks of combustible dust. Through this training, attendees learn about the dangers of combustible dust and how to avoid them. The attendees will know how to identify unsafe amounts of accumulated dust and the importance of regular inspections and cleaning. They’re taught to recognize early warning signs and implement best practices in dust handling. Such training is crucial in preventing hazardous dust-related incidents, ensuring a safer working environment.

Dust hazard awareness – for employees and contractor

  • Incorporation of specific dust characteristics
  • Learn risks associated with your own operation
  • Recognize dust hazards and take action to avoid catastrophic events
  • The length of the training will be 2 hours.

Dust hazard identification – for engineers and EHA professionals operating the process

  • Incorporation of site specific dusts and operations
  • Learn to manage CD hazards
  • Identify potential CDs, define needed testing , evaluate the need for fire and explosion protections
  • The length of the training will be 4 hours.

Dust hazard management – for engineers and EHS professionals designing and analyzing hazards

  • Incorporation of site specific dusts and operations
  • Learn to reduce the risk of CD operations
  • Analyze and apply CD characteristics define the best mitigation solutions, calculate explosion vents using short-cut methods
  • The length of the training will be 3 days.

Process Safety Training

Process Hazard Analysis Course

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) training is fundamental for industries keen on maintaining a safe and efficient operational environment. This training emphasizes a systematic approach to identifying, evaluating, and controlling potential hazards associated with industrial processes. Participants gain a deep understanding of methodologies, tools, and best practices that allow them to pinpoint vulnerabilities and mitigate risks. Through PHA training, organizations equip their workforce with the knowledge and expertise required to prevent incidents, ensure regulatory compliance, and foster a culture of safety and continuous improvement. The training will discuss PHA methodologies such as What-if, Checklist, and FMEA and take a deep dive into the more commonly applied methodology such as HAZOP.

Process Safety Management Course

Process Safety Management (PSM) training is a cornerstone for industries that prioritize the safety and integrity of their operations. This training provides an in-depth understanding of the principles and strategies essential for managing complex industrial processes, ensuring they function safely and efficiently. Participants are introduced to a holistic approach that addresses potential hazards, from equipment design and maintenance to human factors and emergency response. By undertaking PSM training, organizations empower their teams with the competencies needed to reduce risks, enhance operational reliability, and uphold the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance

Reactive Chemical Hazard Management Course

Reactive Chemical Hazard Management training is pivotal for sectors working with chemicals that have the potential to undergo sudden and hazardous reactions. This specialized training delves into the intricacies of identifying, understanding, and controlling the risks associated with these volatile substances. Participants learn the nuances of chemical behaviors, handling protocols, and storage requirements. The training emphasizes the criticality of preemptive measures, safety equipment, and emergency response procedures tailored for reactive chemicals. By investing in this training, organizations not only fortify their safety protocols but also ensure a safer and more informed work environment for their personnel, reducing the chances of unpredictable and detrimental chemical incidents.

Our Process Safety Training Services

We offer a wide range of customizable training services globally. Discover our training services below and get in touch for a free consultation today.

In-House Training

Our in-house training events features the development of custom training materials, courses and assessment for your business needs.

Open Enrollments

Our open seminars have been designed to advance your teams’ technical and theoretical process safety education.


As industry specialists we offer training workshops, tailored programs and team events to enhance both process safety understanding and culture within your business.

At Sigma-HSE, we are passionate about safety in the workplace and share your desire to keep people, the environment, facilities, and reputation safe from the risks of hazardous materials, fires, explosions, and toxic releases.

We offer webinar presentations for businesses with multiple sites to provide simultaneous awareness training to operators and technicians. We focus training on specific levels of management from operator through management level.

Our training courses are based on years of experience from our senior engineers. They are delivered by speakers providing real-world safety solutions to the industry for over 30 years. Their dedication and insight, together with decades of technical expert knowledge, provide rich content for custom training courses, inspiring your staff to tackle safety concerns and instilling a culture of safety and performance in the workplace.

Installing safety culture

Providing professional training to
meet your business needs

Our dedicated global team of technical experts and business leaders can curate educational resources to help your business construct a process safety culture.

Tailored Modules

Our training is designed as per your company's specifications using customized training modules that are tailored to your needs, no matter how specialized your industry is.


The foundation of our training uses real-world materials and examples that are relevant to only your company and industry.


Our training courses can be arranged at a convenient time for production purposes and to match shift needs, or they can be rolled-out and presented to each site with consistent messaging.


Optional opportunity for licensing agreement on training material to be used by your staff on an on-going basis.

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