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Process safety solutions for the wood and paper industry

Our comprehensive hazard assessment and process management solutions are designed to identify and mitigate the risks of fire and explosion hazards across the entire operational lifecycle. Backed by a global team of skilled engineers and technical experts, we excel in delivering specialized process safety consulting, testing, and training solutions customized for the wood and paper industry.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Identifying types of wood dusts and their flammable properties

It should be assumed that all wood dust has potentially explosive properties. As a result, they should undergo rigorous dust explosion testing at a suitable laboratory.

Understanding the complexities of your safety systems

Workplaces need sufficient ventilation and safety systems designed for explosive hazards that may arise from a specific source, these should be correctly characterized by a hazardous zone.

Unfamiliarity regarding hazardous substances and explosive atmosphere regulations

Hazardous wood products, residues, or by-products that may accumulate within the working environment are subject to NFPA 499, class II regulations.

Integrating competent inspection and maintenance practices

Ventilations and other systems handling wood dust are legally required to be examined and tested by a competent person once a year and specialist holistic training is necessary for operators, supervisors and managers.

Your process safety partner of choice

Sigma-HSE provides actionable safety solutions to the wood and paper processing industry by eliminating the threat of fire and explosion during operations and storage.

Our team of global engineers and technical experts can implement a range of process safety consulting, testing and training solutions across your organization.

Simplify compliance

Utilize Sigma-HSE's in-depth understanding of process safety legislation to ensure that you abide by the national and international health and safety regulations that are unique to the wood and paper processing sector.

Optimize product delivery

With an abundance of wood variations coupled with the fact that no two tree trunks are alike, make use of our testing turnaround time to quickly understand the potentially hazardous properties of your materials.

Safeguard your systems

Wood products and by-products require specialist ventilation systems. The correct design of a wood dust removal system in a facility can help prevent the build-up of explosive atmospheres.

Create a resilient safety culture

Ensure that there is a top down safety culture whereby every employee in your business is aware of the importance that process safety plays in their everyday activities.

Common hazards associated with wood and paper production

Inadequate dust containment and housekeeping at wood-cutting areas such as sanders, routers, and shapers could present fire or flashfire hazards

Dust cloud formation inside dust silos or bins and dust collectors, which could present a deflagration hazard

Dust cloud formation during the transfer of saw dust material into silos and bins, which could present a fire or flashfire hazard in the presence of credible ignition sources

Fire hazard due to self-heating of wood dust piles

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Your single process safety solution

Protect your brand identity and ensure production stability

Our dedicated global team of engineers, technical experts and specialist coaches provide pragmatic and effective solutions that work in harmony with your wood and paper processing operations.

Ensure production continuity by reducing the risk of fire and through our actionable insights. 

Sigma-HSE’s approach to logistics and supply chain health and safety utilizes a range of tools, methodologies, laboratory testing, engineering expertise and vast knowledge of standards and regulations to develop an approach that is unique to your business and the specific challenges you face.

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