Sigma-HSE Incorporates Mica Consultancy Solutions

Winchester, UK, 10th February 2022.

We welcome Michelle Murphy as the new President of Sigma-HSE INC.

Michelle has extensive experience in applying process safety knowledge and techniques to mitigate the risk of fire and explosion incidents in the workplace. With a background in process safety laboratory work and extensive experience in applying test data to reduce operational risk, Michelle knows that every installation and manufacturing environment brings its own challenge to safety compliance. Michelle has helped 100s of companies find cost-effective solutions for their operations while providing first line site support in consultancy.

In combining Michelle’s leadership and consultancy talents with the broad range of process safety consulting and testing services offered by Sigma-HSE labs in Europe and Asia Sigma-HSE, US industry has a new dynamic partner in safety. From harmonising global plant safety for multinationals to DHA’s for single site operations or technical know-how for US partners wanting to ensure downstream compliance in Europe and Asia, Sigma-HSE Inc can draw on experts nationally and internationally to guide you on your safety journey.

Michelle has worked in industries from food, chemical, petrochemical, metal, automotive, and pharmaceutical. She has been a guest speaker at numerous safety conferences and had articles published in many prestigious journals and periodicals.

Michelle and the Sigma-HSE team look forward to partnering with you to create a safe workplace protecting your staff, site, local environment and reputation.


About Sigma-HSE

Sigma-HSE provides global process safety support and solutions through a single source of expert knowledge regarding process safety in the work environment. Sigma-HSE’s laboratories work to ISO/IEC 17025 quality standards and provide quality, reproducible results at competitive rates. Sigma-HSE’s broad range of consultancy services includes ATEX/DSEAR Assessments, HAZID/HAZOP Studies and SIL/LOPA Assessments.

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