On-demand: Dust Explosion Mitigation: the ‘Basis of Safety’

Every plant unit operation requires a ‘Basis of Safety’. Choosing the correct Basis of Safety involves an in-depth assessment of the processes and proposing a Basis of Safety which is most practical and effective for a particular operation or site.

Factors under consideration are the physico-chemical nature of the material being processed, the level of ventilation and confinement of the operation, levels and frequency of human occupancy in the process area, the variety and volume of material being processed and the machinery process risk of fires and explosions. Combustible dust test data is necessary to prove the following 3 choices available:

1. Explosion Prevention
2. Avoidance of Ignition Sources
3. Explosion Protection

In this webinar, we focus on choosing the right Basis of Safety for your plant and unit operations and will cover Explosion Prevention, Avoidance of Ignition Sources, and Explosion Protection.

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What you’ll learn:

  • How to establish an appropriate Basis of Safety
  • Understanding risk reduction methodologies: substitution, minimisation, moderation and simplification.

This webinar is best for:

  • Operational and maintenance staff
  • Process and HSE Professionals
  • Project Managers and Risk Assessors

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