On-demand: Sustainable Process Safety Management & Leadership Culture

Managing process safety and ensuring that the precautions you have built into your processes will be effective, requires constant vigilance.

Without effective process safety leadership and a sound process safety culture within your organisation, it is likely that the precautions installed may become vulnerable to neglect or deprioritised in favour of performance or targets. You need a bottom-up awareness of process hazards and a top-down safety leadership culture. A culture of safety.

What you’ll learn:

  • What do good leadership and process safety culture look like
  • How you can monitor your process safety performance.
  • What happens when you let safety elements slip through the cracks and how does this affect your process safety strategy

This webinar is best for:

  • HSE Directors / Managers
  • Process and HSE Professionals
  • Plant Managers
  • Operators
  • CEOs, Board Members and Senior Leadership teams

Read our blog on constructing a “what can go wrong” process safety culture.

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