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Chemical Reaction Hazards: Choosing the Right Screening Tool

Reaction hazards remain the most serious concern for various chemical industries, despite continual research and attention devoted to them. 

When a new process, material, or procedure is introduced for handling chemicals, the inherent risk of a Chemical Reaction Hazard (CRH) should always be considered.

A hazardous scenario occurs when there is a loss of control in a process in terms of heat, pressure, and undesired by-products.

These hazardous reactions can be categorised in two main forms:

1. Thermal runaway (both endothermic & exothermic)

2. Decomposition (i.e. self-reacting, break-down & oxidation, etc.)

Choosing the right screening tools are absolutely essential for the correct design of a safety system, and for ensuring an appropriate Basis of Safety for a process is achieved.

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