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Electrostatic Hazards: Mitigating Fires & Explosions

Electrostatic risk assessment can often be overlooked, but as a potential ignition source their affect can have devastating. From fires and explosions to equipment damage and personnel injury, the potential impact of an unintended electrostatic discharge (ESD) cannot be underestimated.

Electrostatic accumulation on equipment and people is an ever-present fact of life and the risk of a discharge is constant unless effective means are found to earth out the potential and mitigate the risk. Combine electrostatics with sensitive combustible dusts, gasses or vapours and you have a recipe for potential fires and explosions. 

As part of your DSEAR/ATEX fire and explosion risk assessment you should have considered electrostatic discharge as a possible ignition source for your basis of safety.

This webinar will assist in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of the risk mitigation you have put in place.

What you’ll learn:

  • How electrostatic charges are created and their relevance to explosive atmospheres.
  • How to identify and mitigate electrostatic charges to reduce risk
  • Benefits of partnering with Sigma-HSE to create bespoke/customised testing conditions to match your process operation and prove your safety case

This webinar is best for:

  • Safety Engineers
  • Process Managers
  • Environmental Health Safety Specialist
  • Risk Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • EHS Specialists, Managers, Supervisors and Engineers

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Technical Speaker – Mike Weaver, Associate Director, Sigma-HSE

Mike Weaver has had technical involvement with consulting services for many industries in Europe in the field of Process Safety.

Throughout his career, Mike has also designed, built and managed Process Safety Laboratories to GLP Standards and has worked with companies to optimise their testing programmes and interpretation of data to formulate a suitable Basis of Safety.

Mike has also been heavily involved with regulatory compliance such as REACH, CLP, GHS, and has provided guidance to small, medium and international companies to ensure registrations and regulatory compliance for their materials.

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