On-demand Webinar: Mitigating Fire & Explosion Risk from Process Diversification

45 mins

We all know that business diversification allows companies to grow and remain sustainable. However, when that diversification involves moving to new processes handling dangerous substances, there are a range of potential health and safety issues that need tackling. Examples include the water industry diversifying into biogas production; the growth in the hydrogen economy for power generation; capturing released carbon dioxide etc.

Sigma-HSE’s Technical & Operations Director will discuss some of the potential health and safety pitfalls to be aware of in this on-demand webinar. Essentially, the discussion will focus on the changes necessary from an occupational health and safety management system to a process safety management system and will cover issues around process safety culture; process safety leadership; understanding what can go wrong; risk assessments; managing risk and corporate learning.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding how culture is a key factor in mitigating risk and how a top-down approach should be undertaken
  • How to better understand hazards and how to be more ‘risk focused’
  • Understanding management of change and its relationship to process safety

This webinar is best for:

  • HSE Directors and/or managers
  • Process and HSE Professionals
  • Project Managers and Risk Assessors
dr andy fowler

Technical Speaker – Dr Andrew Fowler, Director, Sigma-HSE

Dr Fowler received his BSc and PhD in Surface Chemistry from the University of Durham in 1984. He has sixteen years of experience as an HSE Process Safety Specialist Inspector covering field inspections, major hazards, and safety policy development. During his time at the HSE, Dr Fowler authored guidance publications and staff training manuals.

Following an accomplished career in the UK HSE, Dr Fowler gained a wealth of commercial consultancy experience. During this time, he completed multiple process safety management audits and published bespoke staff training programs.

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