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48 mins

On-demand Webinar: Impact on Raw Materials from Geopolitical Instability

Population growth, economic development and a change in commercial consumption patterns are important drivers for the demand and use of raw resources in processes. While most of these factors can be adequately calculated and prepared for, sudden shifts in geopolitical landscapes have the potential to swiftly disrupt the demand and use of raw materials.

Many industries have recently felt the impact on raw materials from geopolitical instability following the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. From oil and gas to wheat and sunflower oil, a range of global manufacturers must pivot their processes as access to these and many other exports have stagnated. This has led to many manufacturing businesses sourcing alternative suppliers or materials.

We will discuss some of the process safety pitfalls to be aware of when seeking to vet, select, and manage raw materials from different providers and its impact on your processes. Essentially, this webinar will discuss change management and risk mitigation in fast moving industries that have to pivot to meet demand.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understanding how to implement multiple risk assessments and their relationship to geopolitical instability
  • How to correctly plan for mitigating circumstances
  • How to incorporate a rigorous management of change system

This webinar is best for:

  • Process Safety Managers
  • Process and HSE Professionals
  • Laboratory Tecnicians
  • Project Managers and Risk Assessors
  • Procurement Managers
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Technical Speaker – Dr Mark Bunch, Senior Process Safety Consultant, Sigma-HSE

Dr Bunch received his MEng and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Leeds. He has over 20 years of experience working across multiple industries including food and drink, bulk and fine
chemicals, pharmaceuticals and explosives.

Throughout his career, Dr Bunch has provided a range of HAZOP and HAZID, Human Reliability Assessment, Functional Safety Management, DSEAR and LOPA using material that he developed over a number of years.

Dr Bunch remains passionate about education and continuous improvement in process safety (CPD) and has served, to this end, and at various times, on the Science Employers’ Board of Park Lane College in Leeds, the committee of the Education Subject Group of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and the British Chemical Engineering Contractors Association

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