On-demand: Understanding a Basis of Safety

Every plant unit operation requires a Basis of Safety. Choosing the correct Basis of Safety involves an in-depth assessment of the processes and proposing a Basis of Safety that is most practical and effective for a particular operation. There are 3 choices available:

1. Explosion Prevention
2. Avoidance of Ignition Sources
3. Explosion Protection

A basis of safety document can be created to facilitate communication, learning and referencing of critical process safety information (PSI). These documents can then be utilised by and for operators, engineers and managers.

The basis of safety will also document a list of potentially worst-case scenarios, safety objectives with control measures, and the safe operating envelope for a process. By limiting the basis of safety to only that which pertains to catastrophic incident prevention, emphasis on learning can be placed where it is most critical. 

What you’ll learn:

  • How to build and optimise an effective basis of safety
  • Recent basis of safety trends across the industry
  • Understanding risk reduction methodologies: substitute, minimise, moderate and simplify

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