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Red Flags That Will Trigger Your DSEAR/ATEX Review

DSEAR / ATEX is a compliance requirement within the process industry if you handle flammable materials, but one of the biggest issues faced is maintaining compliance.

‘Change’ in a manufacturing process can occur within many areas, ranging from suppliers for raw materials, installation of new equipment, ventilation & extraction, operating procedures and turnover in staff.

This webinar will help identify any red flags in your process that should trigger your DSEAR/ATEX review.

What you’ll learn:

  • DSEAR/ATEX compliance and a synopsis of common issues that we have seen in industry.
  • Frequent changes that occur in a facility and its implications for maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Previous inadequacies to DSEAR/ATEX assessments e.g., hazardous area classification, electrostatic hazards, etc.

This webinar is best for:

  • Safety Engineers
  • Environmental Health Safety Specialist
  • Risk Engineers
  • Process Engineers and Process Designers
  • EHS Specialists, Managers, Supervisors and Engineers 


Thursday 25th May 2023, 10AM BST

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dr andy fowler

Technical Speaker – Dr Andrew Fowler, Director, Sigma-HSE

Dr Fowler received his BSc and PhD in Surface Chemistry from the University of Durham in 1984. He has sixteen years of experience as an HSE Process Safety Specialist Inspector covering field inspections, major hazards, and safety policy development. During his time at the HSE, Dr Fowler authored guidance publications and staff training manuals.

Following an accomplished career in the UK HSE, Dr Fowler gained a wealth of commercial consultancy experience. During this time, he completed multiple process safety management audits and published bespoke staff training programs.

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