On-demand Webinar: 7 Lessons Learnt from Recent Dust Explosions

65 mins

Dust explosions are unfortunately still commonplace, and they have the potential to be extremely dangerous to staff & equipment. This webinar will cover 7 lessons that we have learnt from recent dust explosions.

We focus on the common denominators behind many of the incidents and suggest pragmatic and effective ways we can build safeguards to mitigate the risk. We will examine the role of safety culture in the workplace and how effective top-down corporate responsibility ensures adequate training and risk awareness in all staff. 

We will also cover how you best can mitigate the risk of these incidents by ensuring that you have a suitable basis of safety for each process, this includes:

1. Explosion Prevention
2. Avoidance of Ignition Sources
3. Explosion Protection

To be able to achieve a suitable basis of safety the explosive/flammable properties of the materials being used in each process need to be determined.

What you’ll learn:

  • How and why a top-down level organisational model centred upon the need to constantly improve is a pillar for process safety success
  • Why going ‘back to basics’ is necessary
  • Recapping a ‘basis of safety’ and understanding how best to optimise for your processes

This webinar is best for:

  • Process Safety Managers
  • Laboratory Staff
  • Health and Safety Managers
  • Middle Managers
  • Operational Staff
dr andy fowler

Technical Speaker – Dr Andrew Fowler, Director, Sigma-HSE

Dr Fowler received his BSc and PhD in Surface Chemistry from the University of Durham in 1984. He has sixteen years of experience as an HSE Process Safety Specialist Inspector covering field inspections, major hazards, and safety policy development. During his time at the HSE, Dr Fowler authored guidance publications and staff training manuals.

Following an accomplished career in the UK HSE, Dr Fowler gained a wealth of commercial consultancy experience. During this time, he completed multiple process safety management audits and published bespoke staff training programs.

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