Combustible Dust Test Planning

Start with the End Game in Mind

Facilities that handle or generate dusts in their processes are at risk from explosion and fires. In order to mitigate these adverse events, companies must create an appropriate strategy for controlling combustible dust hazards.

The OSHA NEP, NFPA, and RAGAGEP list many possible combustible dust characterization tests that aid in the creation and continuity of suitable dust safety strategies.

However, conducting all the listed tests isn’t the most sustainable option for many businesses and is usually not necessary. Undertaking an expansive range of testing not only impacts project completion time frames and comes with accompanying financial costs.

Our Combustible Dust Test Planning presentation lays out a risk-based approach to deciding which tests are important for a specific application.

This education session will provide an understanding of:

  • Recognizing potentially combustible dusts
  • Articulating the importance of dust characterization
  • Identifying the fire, flashfire, and explosion hazards of combustible dusts
  • Recalling the current status of codes and standards
  • Recalling recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices, RAGAGEP
  • Identifying what tests are available
  • Developing a test plan
  • Samples to test
  • How to prepare samples
  • Tests to conduct
  • Documenting the sampling plan

Who will benefit:

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Engineers
  • Safety personnel

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